Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Is this our last time?
4 years and 5 lines
Is this how we'll remember each other?

"Candle lighters and letter writers"
We didn't jump in time

The birds came calling in the dead of the night
So flames we nurtured against the press of their flight

As I lay wondering and dreaming of places
That never were, that never could be
Did you know?

If I had waited
If you had traded
Your wants for my worries

But not gone

Was love's labor lost
or sated?

I thought..
But so what
We faded
And carried on to silence
of reluctance and will

Not enough, never enough
The world will not stall
We gave it our all
We gave it our all

And that is no small task

So don't grieve, my love
Don't cry or regret

Every dog will have its day
Every path will have its way

You'll know, it's time
Ours or mine
When the wick has cooled
That our eyes were fooled

By the passing shadow of birds